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Twin Mattresses

Of the four most popular mattress sizes, the twin mattress is the smallest. Designed for a single sleeper, a standard size twin mattress is 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. a through back to the early days of mattress standardization, many people still refer to a twin size mattress as a single. Local colloquialisms aside, the twin size mattress is the most widely used mattress sizes. Whether used for children’s beds, beds in college dormitories, camp beds or day beds, the twin mattress fills the bill in many respects.

Twin Mattress Sets

The process of choosing a quality twin mattress is no different than choosing any other size. Considerations like mattress construction, materials and level of comfort do not change with the size of the mattress.

We spend least a third of our lives in bed. For many Americans, that is the equivalent of about 3000 hours a year spent in bed. Over our lifetime, we can easily spend over 20 years in bed. While spending 20 years in bed may seems like time wasted, recent research studies seem to suggest that getting enough quality sleep is a very important part of maintaining our health. Not getting enough sleep or being deprived of sleep can adversely affect both our mental and physical well being. From maintaining good cardiac health to mental keenness, the quality of our sleep experience can improve our overall quality of life and even our performance on the job. Choosing a new sleep system should be treated with the same importance we place on buying cars and other big ticket necessities.

In recent years, mattress designs have changed for the better. New materials have resulted in greater comfort, longer mattress life and greater value for the money. Greater use of materials such as latex foam, memory foam and other composite foam materials has changed the way mattresses are built. Consumers have greater access to information that helps to influence purchasing decisions and the internet has helped to drive greater consumer awareness. Even with the ability to research the internet, consumers can be overwhelmed with information and still turn to knowledgeable people in the mattress industry for information on modern sleep systems.

Should a Twin Mattress be Firm or Soft

Whether to buy a soft or a firm mattress remains one of the longest debates in the mattress business. This is true regardless of whether you are buying a twin mattress or a larger size. The debate centers on what type of mattress is better for the back and has roots in the amount of time we spend in bed over our lifetime. Sleeping helps our body to recuperate and retool. Just as ill-fitting chairs or poor posture habits can adversely affect back health, sleeping on the wrong mattress can make a healthy back sore and a sore back worse.

The conventional wisdom has been that people with back problems should always sleep on a firm mattress. Some recent studies have turned the conventional wisdom on its head. Some studies have concluded that the choice of a mattress might have more to do with what feels good for the individual rather than relying on an arbitrary standard. This thinking has changed the way many consumers choose a twin mattress.

The answer to the question of firmness can often be found during a test drive. That’s right, just like a car, a mattress should be given a thorough test drive. This means spending enough time actually lying on the mattress, preferably in the position that you normally sleep in. Simply pushing on the mattress will not do.

Twin Mattress Design

With the increased use of latex foam and other modern materials, mattress manufacturers now offer a greater variety of twin mattresses than ever before. Still, the innerspring mattress remains the most popular choice among consumers. Mattress designers use a combination of factors to control the feel and firmness of a twin mattress. The Bonnell coil spring is the most common spring design, though other spring shapes are also used. The number of coils, or wraps in the spring combined with the thickness of the spring wire determine how stiff the spring will feel.

The spring count used to be the overriding consideration when choosing a twin mattress. All of that has changed with the increased use of foam materials. Hybrid mattress designs use a combination of coil springs and various foam densities to control the feel and firmness. The result is often a reduction in the number of coils. The thickness of the wire used to form the springs has a lot to do with how the mattress feels. Wire thickness is measured might seem confusing to some folks but it really quite simple. The thicker, or heavier the spring wire, the lower the number. For example, 14 gauge wire is thinner, or lighter, than spring wire than 13 gauge wire.

Make Sure Before You Buy

When buying a new twin mattress, it pays to do you homework. Ask questions and give the mattress a thorough test drive before you buy. Returning a mattress after a purchase can be tricky if not impossible so spend as much time as it takes to make sure that the twin mattress you choose is right for you.

Twin Size Mattress Chart
Twin Size 39 inches wide by 75 inches long
Twin XL Size 39 inches wide by 80 inches long
Twin XXL Size 39 inches wide by 84 inches long
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